What exactly is EatUp?
EatUP is a meal plan service that unlocks amazing deals at restaurants across Reykjavik. We offer meal credits that are redeemable at participating restaurants for their meals of the day. These credits are valid for 30 days, and all credits are worth the same: one meal. Use your credits to reserve meals at restaurants, which will be ready for you to pick up at the time you select. You will have already paid through EatUP so the transaction is quick! All our orders are takeaway.
How do I use EatUp?
You can create an account and purchase a meal plan via our website or mobile app. Download the app to see our daily selection of meals and use your meal credits to reserve meals.
Membership plan and cost
We currently offer only one type of meal plan. Customers purchase either 3, 6, or 12 meal credits at a time which last for 30 days. You can trade these meal credits in for any meal on our platform. All our meal credits cost 1290 kr.
Where can I use EatUp?
EatUP is currently centered around Reykjavik, Iceland. Look out for more locations soon!
When is EatUp available?
You can use your credits everyday of the week. All our orders fall into two order periods. Lunch order pickup times are between 11:30 – 14:00. Dinner order pickup times are between 17:00 – 20:00. The menu updates at 17:00 everyday. Meal availability is further limited to participating restaurants open hours.
What does my plan cover?
Your meal credit covers the cost of the meal. You do not have to pay upon pickup unless you elect to buy an additional meal, side or drink separate from our app.
When does my subscription start and end?
Your subscription starts from the moment you purchase a meal credit. At that time you will have 30 days, depending on your plan cycle, before they expire.
How do I pickup my meal?
To pick up your meal, simply tell or display the cashier your order number. It will be waiting and ready for you when you arrive. Pick up your meal, and enjoy!
Does EatUp deliver?
No, EatUP does not facilitate delivery orders.
How do I change my password?
Your password can be changed in the account settings of the Eatup app
Can I share my credits?
Currently, you cannot share or send your credits with another EatUP user. You can, however, send your order number to another user. This way another user can pick up an order for you (which makes it easy to pick up many orders at a time for friends or coworkers!).
Cancellation of subscriptions and refunds?
If you have already purchased meal credits, these cannot be refunded.

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