What exactly is EatUp?
EatUP is a new way to order takeaway from restaurants. Our app makes life easier by providing a simple way to browse restaurant menus, place and track orders, and find amazing deals. All our orders are for takeaway (self pick-up)
Does EatUp deliver?
No, EatUP does not facilitate delivery orders.
How do I use EatUp?
You download the app and create an account with us. From the app you can browse our selection, order, and pick up your food.
Where can I use EatUp?
EatUP is currently centered around Reykjavik, Iceland. Look out for more locations soon!
When is EatUp available?
Ordering is limited to participating restaurants open hours.
How do I pickup my meal?
To pick up your meal, simply tell or display the cashier your name. Your order will be waiting and ready for you when you arrive. Pick up your meal, and enjoy!
Cancellations and refunds?
If the restaurant has not started your order you are free to cancel at any time. This is displaid in the app (order tracking) and you can cancel from there. If you believe a refund is justified please contact us via email or telephone and we will do everything we can to help.

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