Are you Leaving Money on the Table?

Attract new customers

Be more time efficient
We get you bulk orders in advance so you can plan ahead and make meals more efficiently
Develop new return customers
Our users subscribe to a meal plan designed for people one-the-go. Get in their regular meal plan and gain customers for life
Control your demand
Set your own order pickup times, cap order numbers, add off-menu meals and more; all easily managed in one simple platform.

We are a cheap and convenient way for people to eat out regularly.

  • Our users buy meal credits from us, spend them on you
  • Each restaurant offers 1 meal a day, users pick from a variety of restaurants
  • We pay you a fixed price for every meal you serve through us
  • All our orders are takeaway

Attract new customers

We know that each restaurant has different needs, and we’ve built a platform where you are in control. Limit orders, customize your pickup window, and offer any meal you’d like.

Over 20 restaurants have already agreed to partner with us, from small cafes to the highest end restaurants. More restaurants means more users, which means more business for every restaurant in Reykjavik.

Find out more about how EatUP could work for you.

An order tracking system made for restaurants

We make managing orders simple and easy

After signing up, you can create and manage meals in just seconds. From there, you can see all your orders in advance, know when each order will be picked up, and plan ahead.

  • Large takeaway orders in advance
  • See when users will pick up, and plan ahead
  • Manage orders on mobile & web
  • No fees, no commitment
  • Access to data driven insights and recommendations
  • Upcoming features including sides & drinks, premium meals and more

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